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Amesbury, Merrimac & Haverhill, MA
Elliott, Woodworth & Rogers ~ Newburyport, MA

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Function Rooms, Halls & Caterers

"C" indicates off-premise catering available -

Names followed by ** - See our Pre-Planning & Bereavement Guide


Andiamo Restaurant (C) **--Newburyport, MA--978-255-4341
Ashworth by the Sea (C)--Hampton, NH--603-926-6762
Black Cow--Newburyport, MA--978-499-8811
Carry Out Cafe (C) --Newburyport, MA--978-499-2240
Connie's Stagecoach Restrnt.(C) --Salisbury, MA--978-465-3543
Crave--Amesbury, MA--978-834-6075
Crossbar Pub--Amesbury, MA--978-517-7100
Elks Lodge--Newburyport, MA--978- 465-9872
Giuseppes Fine Food ( C)--Newburyport, MA--978-465-2225
The Grog--Newburyport, MA--978-465-8008
Hungry Traveler--Salisbury, MA--978-465-9743
Jewel In the Crown--Newburyport, MA--978-463-0956
Michael's Harborside--Newburyport, MA--978-462-7785
Seaglass--Salisbury, MA--978-462-800
Phat Cats Bistro(C) **--Amesbury, MA--978-388 2777
Phoenix Room of Newburyport--Newburyport, MA--978-463-3301
Ristorante Molise (C)--Amesbury, MA--978-388-4844
Starboard Galley (C) **--Newburyport, MA--978-462-1326
Steeple Hall - Mission Oak Grille--Newburyport, MA--978-961-0926
Sylvan Street Grille--Salisbury, MA--978 462-7919
VASA Waterfront--Salisbury, MA--978 358-1700
Wentworth By the Sea--New Castle, NH--603-422-7322
Willowdale Estate --Topsfield, MA--978-887-8211>


A-1 Deli Restaurant ** --92 Merrimack St., Haverhill, MA --978-372-7951
Atkinson Resort & Country Club--Atkinson, NH--603-362-8700
DiBurro's--Haverhill, MA--978-372-0441
Essex Street Grille--Haverhill, MA --978 372-4477
Groveland Fairways--Groveland, MA--978-373-2872
Haverhill Country Club--Haverhill, MA--978-373-1146
Maria's Family Restaurant (C)--Haverhill, MA--978 521-1472
Michael's Function Hall--Haverhill, MA--978-373-1991
Roma Restaurant--Bradford, MA--978-374-8001
Texas Roadhouse(C)--Methuen, MA--978-975-5588
Willowdale Estate --Topsfield, MA--978-887-8211


A Piece of Cake --Merrimac, MA--978-346-0567
Essential Chefs Catering **--Amesbury, MA--978-821-5108
Harborside Catering--Newburyport, MA--978-463-3301
Harding Catering--Amesbury, MA--603-490-9660
Simply Elegant Catering--Methuen, MA--978-372-683-7771
Got Thyme --Personal Chef Service--781-929-2299