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Paul C. Rogers Family Funeral Homes
Amesbury, Merrimac & Haverhill, MA
Elliott, Woodworth & Rogers ~ Newburyport, MA

Video Tributes

Available to Families
engaging our services

  • You will need to provide us with the photos you would like to include in the video:
  • Photos should be provided at least 36 hours prior to service time.
  • Please submit the photos in the order you would like to have them shown.
    Three ways to submit photos:
    • Provide us hard copies to scan (photos will be returned to the family).
    • Submit the photos to our funeral home electronically.
    • The family can upload the photos (preferred method). Our staff will provide you with a special link to upload.
  • Please notify our staff with a theme & up to 5 music selections.
  • The family will be provided with a DVD of the video.